Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Hi everyone! I have a new blog, and I would really appreciate if you could follow it!! Really needing some support on this one as it is being updated regularly and would love to think that someone is actually reading it!! I will love you forever <3 xxx

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

Ok, so I should start by stating right here right now, I am not in any way a 'make-up expert' and this is definatley not just a blog about cosmetics. I know a lot of people probably say that, but im really not! FlissIsBliss will probably end up mainly being focused on fashion. However I could not start my new blog without mentioning some of my amaaazing new purchases right? Right!!

So im sure many of you have read, watched, heard the reviews about this amazing product. So heres mine. Im not one to spend a lot of money on foundation, in fact my usual foundation purchase routine consists of popping into Boots, and picking out the first foundation that catches my eye/is on offer. However after recently becoming addicted to youtube gurus and bloggers, I decided to broaden my horizons.

After much research I ventured to my nearest House Of Fraser store, and apprehensively approached the Chanel counter. The woman was small, with short blonde hair, and it may just be me, but im SURE she was french! Anyway, after asking me what type of skin I had, which I responded with much confusion 'normal?!' she colour matched me to number 20. I left the shop with a smile on my face and an empty pocket (as its retailing at £31).

As soon as I got home I stripped my face of make up and began my very first Chanel experience. As I dapped the light coloured foundation over my face I knew I would never go back. It is so smooth and delicate over your face. The only way you can describe it is a second skin. It matched my face perfectly and I could hardly feel it on. I have since been wearing it every day.

The only slight downside is, I dont feel it lasts too long. Due to the high price, I hoped it would last all day (maybe my expectations were a little too high!). Alas, on my break at work, 4 hours in, I popped to the toilet, checked the mirror, and it had slightly faded. However this is nothing a little concealer cant resolve.

Overall the product has got the FlissIsBliss seal of approval, I doubt I will ever be able to buy another foundation again!

Also I received a free mini Chanel mascara which is really cute, im yet to try it as Im saving it for a night out, so Ill let you know how that one looks as soon as my social life picks up!

Oh Hi Hello There!

Super duper quick post to say heeeeey there, new blog coming soon, as in..today! Will be discussing fashion, beauty, hair and all sorts of girly goodness! I love the highstreet and its all about finding a bargain.
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